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CX Records' music works and collaborations

KEIKO HIGUCHI & CRIS X – MELT (CD by Musik Atlach) 2014

Collaboration with KK NULL (Japan)
Ambient, field recordings, electronics, noise from deep contemporary avant-garde music.
CD – LP (vinyl record of this album will be released subsequently).

Third official release from CX records, Italy. “Genshi Wakusei” (“Proto Planet”) is the new collaboration between the Japanese experimental/electronic wizard and master Kazuyuki Kishino (aka KK Null) and the visual and sound Italian artist Cristiano Luciani (aka Cris X).
Five new experimental compositions composed of savage electronics – both analog and digital – abrupt cut-ups and loops, chilling ambient atmosphere and suggestive field recordings (frogs, birds, voices but also metropolitan and industrial sounds). Special guest with vocals and whispers the Japanese musician Yoko Higashi. Cut and mastered by Rashad Becker in Berlin.
Limited edition 200 copies on vinyl and 150 copies on CD.

MERZBOW “Guya” – CRIS X “Greed” feat. Keiko Higuchi and Sachiko
SPLIT LP 12” white vinyl limited edition 300 copies

Second official release from CX records, Italy. “Guya” new and unreleased track from the master of Japanese noise Masami Akita, 18 minutes of noise bliss, a powerful sonic trip structured by feedback, digital and analog electronics. A devastating masterpiece.

3 new tracks recorded, composed and mixed in Berlin, Rome and Tokyo by Cris X/Cristiano Luciani in collaboration with underground Japanese musicians, Keiko Higuchi (vocals, piano, lyrics) and Sachiko (vocals, electronics): a dark and visionary journey through expressionist ambient atmospheres, electronic and vocals experimentation. White vinyl limited edition 300 copies.

Worldwide Distribution:
RRR Records (USA) Volcanic tongue (UK) Rough Trade (UK) Cold Spring (UK) Second layer (UK) Metamkine (France) Bimbo tower (France) Tochnit Aleph (Germany) Neds records (Japan) Freak animal (Finland) Sound Ohm (Italy) Radiation Records (Italy) Turgid Animal (Italy/UK) Old Europa cafe (Italy) Final muzik (Italy) Transmission (Italy)