Picking the Right Adult Kick Scooter


Commuting regularly with the use of a kick scooter has many health benefits. Aside from making you more energetic, using a kick scooter can also help you burn fats and lose weight, just like bikes do. Apart from its health benefits, you can also save time. Commuting through a scooter can help you reach your destination faster and safer without having to spend on gas or fare.

While getting a kick scooter for our children is never a problem as you can easily buy them from children’s stores, adult kick scooters are harder to find.


Scooters are unlike cars or bikes that have designated areas in town centers. When you are using a kick scooter to commute to your workplace, you may have to carry it inside your office. You may also need to lift it when in the middle of a crowd. So if you do not want to be carrying a heavy load whenever you need to, going for a lightweight kick scooter must be the best option.

Wheel Quality

The wheel can determine the stability, speed, and durability of your kick scooter. With a wider wheel, it will be harder for you to lose your balance. Larger wheels will also mean that you can travel at a faster pace. You should also inspect the wheels. The harder they are, the more that they can last longer.

Foldable Frame

The portability of a scooter depends on its weight and how it can be folded to come up with a compact form. Check on the handlebar if it can be adjusted and the handles if they can be tucked in as well. When in its compact form, it should not be easily disentangled. This makes it convenient to carry your kick scooter wherever you go.

Wider Deck

You should also check on the footrest so that it can accommodate both of your feet. It will be very uncomfortable if one is placed over the other. This can also affect your balance.


Adjustable T-Bar

If you are buying from an online store, be sure to purchase a kick scooter with an adjustable T-bar. This will make it sure that you will be comfortable riding your kick scooter no matter what tall you are.

Soft Grips

It is also essential to check on the handgrips. Soft rubber grips will prevent you from developing blisters on your palm even if you are commuting a long distance.